Thank you for showing an interest in joining Radiance. Answer the questions below and click submit when you are done.

You WILL need a forum account to submit your application

Please be honest in your application. If we discover that you have been telling little porkies, your application and/or trial (if you do get one) will be declined.

Here are the questions for our application:

Character Name:



Main Spec:

Off Spec:

Armoury link:

Can you play your offspec if required?

What was the name of your previous guild and why did you leave/are wanting to leave?

Post a screenshot of your UI while you are in raid combat:

Latest logs that are RELEVANT to the character you are applying with (Warcraft Logs only please)

Do you have any notable alts? (Provide logs if possible)

What are your raiding relevant addons?

What has your past raiding experience been like?

What is your current progress on the latest legendary questline that is revelant to current expansion?

How well do you deal with constructive feedback?

Are you aware of DST (Daylight Savings) and how it can affect your raiding time?

How stable is your internet connection?

We distribute our loot based on a loot council system. Will you be upset if you do not receive loot during your trial?

How did you find out about us?

Who would win in a fight? 1 trillion lions or the sun? (Please explain your answer)

If you're interested in applying, create an account on our forums here.

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