Radiance started off as a group of friends who are experienced raiders who have played in hardcore guilds and started to look at forming their own progression-oriented team. In just a few months we have grown a significant amount and now have our eyes set on realm first! You can see our guild video here!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to @Stephnoob for the awesome website.

Moving on...

Corgis here, the GM of Radiance.
Unfortunately, Radiance has stopped raiding. The team has moved to Destruction, still on Aman'thul.
If you are from Radiance or are looking to apply, contact MW: Ads#6351 or CreeCree: Cree#6232
Thanks to everybody who has supported the guild over this past year.

Radiance 13/13M - Aman'Thul server 1st - Oceanic 20th

whoa dude...
10/12/15: We did it! Radiance has achieved 13/13M this raiding tier, and also a pretty sweet bonus of REALM FIRST!

First, I have to give a huge thanks to the tanks, healers, and DPS who have raided with Radiance every step along the way from when we started off in normal and to when we finished in HFC. Also a special mention goes to Leorina and Fleas for raiding back to back with their main guilds, and commiting themselves to raiding with Radiance during HFC. There are other people i'd like to thank too, but I feel like I won't be able to include everybody in here.

For this special occasional, Tenex & Hayley have teamed up together to create an awesome Mythic Archimonde kill video!!
I strongly suggest you check it out!!


RIP Mannoroth

Gone and probably forgotten (Until the next raid lockout anyway)
3/12/15: Looks like Mannoroth is dead. Despite being a tough boss it was a very fun fight and we're more than excited to move onto the final boss of this expansion, Archimonde! So far, we've had 2 raid nights on him and made some pretty amazing progress.

Eeep! So close!

Our kill for Mythic Mannoroth will be uploaded shortly!



Wow, we actually had people show up for raid!
19/11/15: After a few weeks of bad luck with some raiders, we managed to down Xhul'Horac and pick ourselves up our 11th kill from HFC! Next up is the long await Mannoroth!! Fingers crossed we have better luck which will lead to a swift kill!

Our kill for Mythic Xhul'Horac will be uploaded shortly!


Tyrant Smellhari is dead!

Sorry for the late announcement!
30/10/15: We killed Tyrant Velhari! As mentioned in the previous post, we didn't expect the last 4 fights to be as easy. Next, we move onto Xhul'Horac and then Mannoroth!

Our kill for Mythic Tyrant can be found here!


Fel Lord? More like Smell Lord!

What are ya doing there Grommash? -Moo 2015
2/10/15: Fel Lord Zakuun has died, leaving only 4 enemies left in HFC!! Next up is Tyrant, sadly I highly doubt she will be as easy as the previous 3 bosses but after some promising pulls with the time we had left on Thursday, a potential kill will be very soon!
Also we're still on the looking for any Warriors/Mages/Rogues to join us! Click here to be taken to our application page. You will need an account on our forums to submit an application, but that only takes a few seconds to make!

Our Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun kill will be uploaded shortly!


Iskar and Socrethar have been thrown in the trash!

Bird is the word. -Mint 2015
29/9/15: What a raid week it's been! On Thursday night we took down Iskar! Believe it or not, it's such a relief to take down a boss so fast after spending weeks on Gorefiend! Other than that, Socrethar proved to be harder than Gorefiend!!

just kidding Socrethar - as easy as putting on socks -Kags 2015
Yep. On Monday night, we also took Socrethar the Eternal down and moving us back up the ladder to realm second! This upcoming week, we look forward to taking down Fel Lord Zakuun after multiple sub 10% wipes with the remaining time we had on Monday!

You can view our Mythic Iskar kill here!
You can also view our Mythic Socrethar kill here too!


Second guild to kill Gorefiend on Aman'Thul confirmed!!

I should be exempt from doing this boss ever again. -Leorina 2015
21/9/15: 6/13M BABYYYYYY, As you may of guessed by the selfie taken by one of our hunters Leorina, on Monday night we finally took down the huge wall known to many guilds as Gorefiend!! A huge huge HUGE well done to everybody who helped kill this beast, and a big congratulations to everybody who got some sweet loot! Next up will be a swift Iskar kill followed by the downfall of Socrethar!

You can also view our Mythic Gorefiend kill here


New Raiding times + Gorefiend progress!

17/9/15: For the past few weeks, there has been talk among the officiers about dropping 1 hour of raid so we will be raiding for 3 hours and not 4 hours. While the change did bring up many good and bads points, we decided it was for the best of the guild to start 1 hour later on all of our raiding days. The main reasons for the change were because we noticed the team getting quite tired in the final 4th hour, and that can lead to some pretty poor progression. Also with Daylight Savings just around the corner, we came to a shocking discovery that we would lose vital people in our team due to the time differences.
With all of that being said, we completed our first raid night tonight under this change and completed the same amount of farm that we did last Wednesday on the fresh raid week. This means we accomplished exactly the same as last week with 1 hour less of raiding!
With this new change, we look forward to see what other positive changes will happen!

In other news, Gorefiend progress has been improving! On Monday we had multiple flawless phase 1s and 99% perfect feast phases! It looks like we'll be seeing a kill on Thursday or Monday!


Kilrogg Deadeye is now Kilrogg DeadGUY!

24/8/15: We have defeated Kilrogg Deadeye and his clan of goons! Everyone did a great job and now we look forward to our biggest challenge yet...

You can view our Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye kill here!


Choo choo, all aboard the 4/13M train!

18/8/15: Good job to everyone involved! The kill pull was pretty smooth and just incase you can't see the boss because our fantastic good looking raid members are in the way, there's an arrow pointing to a dead Dia nameplate!

You can view our Mythic Hellfire High Council kill here!


3/13M! Kromog = dead! (Or Kormrok, what's the difference?)

10/8/15: We killed Kormrokrok!! After we downed this guy, we made some pretty good prog on Hellfire Council too! Looking forward to that kill next week. Good job to everyone involved!!

You can view our Mythic Kormrok kill here!


Iron Reaver? More like Iron Smellver

29/7/15: After a solid night of taking down Heroic Archimonde we moved back into mythic and took down the second boss! Next week, hopefully we take down the next 2 bosses following the next raid week.

You can view our Mythic Iron Reaver kill here!


Wednesday7:00PM-10:00PMGMT +10
Thursday7:00PM-10:00PMGMT +10
Monday7:00PM-10:00PMGMT +10

Death Knight unholy

These are only our high recruitment needs, to see our full recruitment needs see our recruitment page.

Kargath BladefistKilledKilled
The ButcherKilledKilled
Twin OgronKilledKilled
Imperator Mar'gokKilledKilled
Beastlord DarmacKilledKilled
Flamebender Ka'grazKilledKilled
Hans'gar And FranzokKilledKilled
Operator ThogarKilledKilled
The Blast FurnaceKilledKilled
The Iron MaidensKilledKilled
Hellfire AssaultKilledKilled
Iron ReaverKilledKilled
Hellfire High CouncilKilledKilled
Kilrogg DeadeyeKilledKilled
Shadow-lord IskarKilledKilled
Fel Lord ZakuunKilledKilled
Socrethar The EternalKilledKilled
Tyrant VelhariKilledKilled